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Amadeo Constanta Quartet

About Amadeo Quartet

Amadeo Orchestra Amadeo Orchestra consists of profesional artists, music graduates, soloists instrumentalists of high cultural institutions in Constanta and Bucharest.

From the beginning, the public apparitions of Amadeo Quartet were a real success and they were invited to perform at some of the most prestigious artistic manifestations in the country and abroad (Musiksommer - Germany, The Festival of Chamber Music - Brasov, etc).

About Amadeo Quartet

The members of Amadeo Qaurtet recorded for television and radio shows, trying to advertise for the good quality music. Amadeo Quartet has a rich repertory consisting of more than 500 classic songs, carefully chosen, organized on stylistic periods. Our repertory contains also modern songs for parties, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, entertainment shows, etc. Amadeo Quartet gives add elegance to every special moment you have in your life. The wide range of songs that we perform (classic music, soundtracks, waltz, tango, ambiental music, Romanian folk music, jazz, café-concert) attracted a lot of people towards our special music. Nowaday Amadeo Quartet performs at all types of parties and festive events.